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Information about Adana resort in Turkey

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Adana, like many Turkish cities, has a rich history. At different times the city was owned by Greeks, Byzantines, Romans and Seljuk Turks. Later Adana was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire. Each culture has left its mark on the image of the city.

It is recommended to start exploring the city with the Regional Archaeological Museum. It is recognized as one of the oldest museums in the country. Its collection includes archaeological finds from the Hittite era, Greek and Roman columns, statues, mosaics, coins, jewelry, and Seljuk art products. One of the notable finds is a sarcophagus decorated with images of the Trojan War. According to one version, the sarcophagus belongs to the hero Achilles himself.

Not far from the museum is located the Sabanci-Merkez mosque, which in terms of capacity is one of the three largest mosques in the world. It can include 28.5 thousand believers. At the same time, the dome of the Sabanci-Merkez mosque is recognized as the highest in the country.

A hundred meters from the mosque is the oldest attraction of Adana - Roman bridge Tash-Kopru, erected in the 2nd century AD ... Despite its considerable age, the bridge, consisting of 16 arches, is still used for its intended purpose.


Near the bridge, tourists will find Ulu Mosque (Ramazanoglu Mosque, Great Mosque). It was built at the beginning of the 16th century as the tomb of the emir Khalil-bey. It is a religious building lined with white and black marble and decorated with tiles. Syrian style is guessed in the architectural appearance of the mosque.

Nearby you can see the Buyuk-Saat-Kulesi clock tower, built by the local authorities in the 19th century. There are also the graves of the city's governors, the famous Charshi-Hamam baths built in the 16th century and the ancient bazaar Kazandjilar Charshis, where artisans sell various products, the most famous of which are cast-iron cauldrons.

Other interesting mosques worth seeing: Yeski Yag Mosque of the 15th century and the Akca Meschidi Mosque of the 15th century.

Among the museums of particular interest is the museum of the cult politician Ataturk in Turkey. The museum is located in a 19th century mansion where the"father of nations" once stayed. The interior of the museum recreates the life of that time. The exposition includes books, documents, photographs, portraits and other information about Mustafa Kemal.

Another popular museum is Ethnographic. It is located in an abandoned 19th century church. Its collection includes rare copies of the Koran, local household items, jewelry made of gold and silver found during excavations, musical instruments, weapons, carpets and national clothes.

Not far from Adana is a favorite walking place for local residents - Lake Seikhan. There is a small bird sanctuary on the western side of the lake. In addition, from the city you can get to the village of Missis (Yakapynar), famous for its Museum of Mosaics and the ancient Armenian castle, as well as to the city of Tarsus, where the sights of the Roman and Biblical eras have been preserved: Cleopatra's Gate, Adana is not only a city of ancient landmarks, but also has an active modern cultural life. The Adana International Altin Koza Film Festival, theater festival, folk festivals, art and instrumental performances and festivals are regularly held here.


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Topic: Information about Adana resort in Turkey.Information about Adana resort in Turkey

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