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Al-Muallaka Church in Egypt, Cairo resort

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This church is the most famous Coptic church in Cairo. It was built in the 4th century, in a Roman fort. El-Muallaka in Arabic means `` suspended. '' It is named so because its main nave is located between the towers of Babylon.

The church has a standard basilica shape. Only the main halls here are not three, but four, and the two central halls hardly differ in size.

The church has an iconostasis made of Lebanese cedar and decorated with ivory. The icons on it are located at the very top. Church walls are also decorated with various icons.

As in all Coptic churches, this one has almost no frescoes. There are a small number of them in the chapel, they are also partially used to create ornaments on the columns.

The church contains the relics of many saints, to whom pilgrims turn with prayers and requests.

This church is – the only one, the entrance to which is located outside the fort. All other churches are located inside.

The church became famous after the Most Holy Theotokos appeared over the temple in the 1960s.  

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Topic: Al-Muallaka Church in Egypt, Cairo resort.Al-Muallaka Church in Egypt, Cairo resort

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