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Coptic Museum in Egypt, Cairo Resort

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The Coptic Museum is located in Cairo on the Misr al-Quadim square. It was founded in 1908. The exhibits of the museum are objects of culture and everyday life of the Copts.

In general, the word `` Copt '' means Egyptian. Copts were called Christians who lived in old Cairo – Babylon of Egypt, in one of its regions. Coptic culture – it is a synthesis of Christian, Greek and Egyptian myths and legends.

Founder and at the same time the first director of the Coptic Museum – this is Marcus Simica. At the entrance to the museum is his bust, which was made by the Russian sculptor Boris   Oskarovich Fredman-Kluzel.

Exhibits related to Coptic culture are presented in 29 rooms. Glass and clay items are kept in the old wing of the museum, and in the new – made of fabric, metal and stone. Also, various manuscripts are kept in the new wing.  

The peculiarity of Coptic art objects is that they differ from similar Islamic art objects only in religious symbolism. Even the appearance of the museum building, which is made in the best traditions of the Copts, is very similar to the appearance of the Cairo mosques. In Islamic architecture, stained-glass windows, carved wooden bars on the windows and small stone fountains are also widespread.

In 2006, another unique exhibit was added to the museum – The Gospel of Judas, written on 30 sheets of papyrus. In the 1970s, this historic 'document' was illegally exported from Egypt. But now visitors can look again at the texts of this &

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Topic: Coptic Museum in Egypt, Cairo Resort.Coptic Museum in Egypt, Cairo Resort

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