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Basilica and Bishop's Palace in Turkey, Side resort

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The Basilica and the Bishop's Palace are some of the most famous and interesting landmarks in Turkey. Both buildings have their own special proportions.

Today, the basilica is considered to be one of the oldest buildings, the best preserved in Turkey. The basilica was built around the 6th century BC

This unique complex consists of a large number of rooms. In the central part of the basilica, one can observe a square living room, consisting of three small sections. Also inside the basilica there is a triangular altar, next to which there were previously three-tiered seats.

To the north of the altar room there is a quadrangular baptismal, to which a rather narrow corridor leads. The baptismal room consists of three sections. The walls of the room are decorated with rectangular and semicircular stone niches. There is a marble baptismal pool right in the center of the room.

Not far from the basilica is the bishop's palace, which consists of parallel rooms of various shapes. The rooms of the palace are connected by corridors covered with graceful stone arches. Also not far from the palace you can see a small chapel of the bishop.

Previously, the whole complex was surrounded by high walls, behind which a picturesque garden was laid out inside. The complex geographically occupied about 9   700 m 2. The construction of the palace and the basilica began at a time when the city was chosen as the seat of the bishop. However, the complex was finally completed only after several centuries.

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Topic: Basilica and Bishop's Palace in Turkey, Side resort.Basilica and Bishop's Palace in Turkey, Side resort

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