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Opatija. Recreation and entertainment

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The resort has fitness centers, indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts and much more for active sports.


Recreation and tourism

The city often hosts folklore festivals, musical classical concerts, international sports competitions and symposia, as well as film festivals.

A large number of cozy restaurants and cafes are ready to welcome guests at any time of the year.

One of the popular attractions of Opatija is the Franz Josef Promenade, which is a delightful place for romantic walks. Here you can enjoy the fresh sea breath, and in the evening the fragrance of flowers.

Representatives of the royal families once walked along this promenade.

Villa Agnolina is magnificent a building built by the Riek aristocrat H. Scarpa in 1844 under the canopy of oaks and olives. The villa is considered one of the favorite places for lovers of romance.

Church of St. Jacob was built at the beginning of the 16th century and was part of the monastery complex of St. Jacob, erected in 1453 by the Benedictines. From the time of the abbey, only a small church remained in the city. Today this place is popular with everyone who wants to find peace of mind and harmony, breathing in the sea air filled with the scent of laurel.

Statue "Girl with a seagull", installed in 1956 on the sea coast, is one of the famous symbols of the city.



Just six kilometers from the resort is the town of Lovran, which is a great place for a family vacation. The city got its name from the luxurious laurel groves.

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Topic: Opatija. Recreation and entertainment.Opatija. Recreation and entertainment

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