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Information about Harkany resort in Hungary

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Indications for treatment in Harkani:

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system;

Rehabilitation after operations and injuries;

Bechterew's disease;


Peripheral diseases of the nervous system;

Skin diseases;

Diseases of the digestive organs.

The Harkany Bath occupies an area of thirteen and a half hectares. On this square there are indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, pearl baths, cascading showers, steam rooms and natural medicine center. In summer, the water temperature in the outdoor pools is + 26 … +33 ° C, and in winter + 33 … +35 ° C.

Harkan Baths offers its guests a very wide range of medical services: massages, carbon dioxide baths, physiotherapy, remedial gymnastics and mud applications. Mud procedures here are distinguished by the fact that the curative mud is mixed with the Harkani mineral water, thereby enhancing the anti-inflammatory effect.


To accommodate tourists in Harkani, hotels, villas, guesthouses and campgrounds work – in summer, the resort is ready to accommodate up to 25 thousand guests at a time. In winter, when campgrounds close, this number decreases, however, there are usually very few people in the resort.

Harkani will also be liked by fans of active rest – most of the sports facilities for various sports here fully meet professional standards, that is, they are suitable for training professionals.


The Harkany resort is located in Shilkos Villani, a historic vineyard region. Here the first vineyards were planted by the Romans. The outskirts of the city are distinguished by picturesque views – it is nice to just walk or ride a bike here.

The whole area of Shilkos Villani is interesting from an excursion point of view. There are practically no sights in Harkani itself, but you can visit, for example, the city of Pecs,

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Topic: Information about Harkany resort in Hungary.Information about Harkany resort in Hungary

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