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Geography and climate in Cayo Guillermo

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Cayo Guillermo is a small tropical island in the Jardines del Rey archipelago, which is located off the northern coast of Cuba.

The total area of the island is only 20 km & sup2;, but at the same time it opens up excellent opportunities for a good active and relaxing holiday on luxurious sandy beaches.

You can get from Moscow to Havana by Aeroflot, which operates direct flights on all odd days of the week (except Sunday ). From   Cayo Guillermo, the nearest international airport, Jardines del Rey, is located on the nearby island of Cayo Coco, from where direct flights from Havana are received daily.

Time zone: GTM-5 (-8 hours to Moscow).


The climate on the island is tropical trade wind,   the average temperature throughout the year is +25 ° C.

The rainy season falls in summer, from May to October, the average temperature reaches   +26 .. + 29 ° C.

During the winter seasons, from November to April, there is practically no precipitation, and the temperature does not exceed + 26 ° C.

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Topic: Geography and climate in Cayo Guillermo.Geography and climate in Cayo Guillermo

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