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Bodrum. Recreation and entertainment

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Bodrum is not one of the cheap resorts where crowds of tourists flock every summer.

This is a bohemian elite place, most of the tourists here spend their time not so much on the beaches as on discos and ultra-modern nightclubs offering their guests huge dance floors. In particular, the resort is home to one of the largest discos in Europe - Halicarnassus.

Those who prefer a beach holiday will be able to combine it in Bodrum with such popular entertainment as diving or windsurfing. The beaches of the resort are mostly sandy, clean and long.

However, there are also small pebble beaches, as well as beach areas organized on concrete platforms, whose cover is specially imported sand.

The resort also offers excellent conditions for lovers of fishing. In addition, here you can rent a yacht and go on a short sea voyage on it.



Bodrum is a city with a rich historical past. In its place once existed (according to one version, since the Trojan War) the famous city   Halicarnassus. Historians and poets of Ancient Greece and Rome have repeatedly mentioned it in their writings.

In Bodrum, which grew up on the site of ancient Halicarnassus,   you can see, for example, a monumental architectural structure - the famous tomb of Mausolus, king of Caria in 377-353 BC.

While resting in Bodrum, you can also visit the Museum of Underwater Archeology with interesting exhibits, one of which presents is an ancient sunken ship.

In the north of the city there are the remains of an ancient theater that once housed   its walls 13   000 spectators.

In addition, the administration of the resort offers vacationers various excursions: to Black Island, with its picturesque views and thermal springs, as well as to the Greek island Rhodes (this excursion is possible if those wishing to make it have a Schengen visa).

The peculiarities of Bodrum include the fact that that there are many picturesque bays in this area; the most famous are such bays as Bitez and Gumbet.


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Topic: Bodrum. Recreation and entertainment.Bodrum. Recreation and entertainment

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