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Gumbet Bay description and photos - Turkey: Bodrum

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Gumbet Bay description and photos - Turkey: Bodrum

Gumbet Bay description and photos - Turkey: Bodrum. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Gumbet Bay.

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Gumbet Bay is located two to three kilometers from the famous Turkish resort of Bodrum and adjoins it from the west. Such a favorable location and proximity to the airport make this resort very popular with tourists from about the end of May to the beginning of October. This place is popular with families with children due to its very long sandy beach and shallow warm sea.

The bay is located between capes Adaburun and Injeburun, which makes it convenient for water sports. The coast is simply dotted with all kinds of centers for parasailing (flying over the sea surface by parachute), windsurfing, water skiing and kayaking. There is a specially left place, unprotected by breakwaters, for windsurfing. The conditions are created for beginners, and for experienced lovers of this sport.

Getting to the bay is quite simple, during the holidays dolmushi run here for twenty-four hours a day, and it will take no more than 10 minutes to drive from the center of Bodrum. True, you will have to take a taxi to get to some remote hotel late at night.

The beach of this area is famous for its wide strip, fine golden sand, a gentle entrance for swimming and a calm sea. It is one of the longest on this peninsula. Skirting the bay, the coast allows you to enjoy all the delights of a beach holiday, and often falls into all kinds of ratings of the "best beaches in the world." In addition, it is very convenient to relax here with kids. In some places, the shallow water zone is so large that in order to get to the depth, you have to walk 6-8 meters. Several small cozy bays, united in an area called "Aquarium", are located to the west of the bay. There is very clear water with a visibility of 20-30 meters and a sandy bottom. However, you can get to the bays only by sea, by boats.

Hotels of the Gumbet Bay are famous for their large territories, water parks and swimming pools, animation, various services and entertainment. Although a little further from the sea, there are also more economical options offering room accommodation at ridiculous prices for a popular resort. Modest European youth live here. Most of the vacationers in the bay are young people from Germany, England and Scandinavian countries, but recently there are more and more tourists from the CIS countries. Recently, Gumbet has been successfully competing with Bodrum in terms of the number of hotels and entertainment facilities.

Every evening bars, cafes and restaurants on the streets of the city and on the coast are filled with vacationers and music of various styles and trends sounds everywhere. In the center of the resort, you can find more than two dozen establishments where you can taste the cuisines of all nations of the world, they usually open after four in the evening.

Gumbet is a favorite place for young people and tourists who love to dance until the morning. With the onset of darkness, the streets of the resort are filled with a dancing crowd: in discos and bars, on terraces and balconies of hotels. In the evening, the city center seems to wake up and is filled with the light of lights of various colors that adorn the facades of restaurants, discos in the resort and most houses. Bright neon signs lure visitors to taste the finest Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Thai Turkish, Italian and Mexican cuisines. During the season, bars are open from noon to the first hours after midnight, and discos open at 10-11 pm and work until dawn.

In terms of the number of entertainment venues, Gumbet successfully competes with Bodrum itself, and in recent years their number has been growing in arithmetic progression. In addition, in the city, you can arrange good shopping in huge supermarkets or go for a new portion of pleasures in a shopping and entertainment center. Thanks to its popularity, the resort is developing rapidly, its territory is expanding, and the population is growing.

Gumbet Bay is the best choice for fans of a healthy lifestyle. It is just a godsend for those who like to harmoniously combine water sports with entertainment. not preferring one over the other. Beautiful sandy beaches picturesque nature and round-the-clock entertainment attract more and more tourists from year to year. A rugged coastline, beautiful landscapes, snow-white two-story houses entwined with lianas, a pretty embankment, an ancient fortress and an excellent shopping street with brand shops do not allow this city to be confused with any other.

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