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Geography and climate in Pulau Ubin

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Geography and   Climate

Singapore   is the capital of the state with the same name. This city is   - one of the   largest tourist and financial centers in Asia, and   also the largest port in   its   Southeast.

The area of the island on which the city is   is only 227 square kilometers. Singapore is located on the   banks of the Singapore rivers, which divides the city into   two parts, and   Kalangi. He also   occupies several small islands around the main island.

Due to its proximity to the   equator, the climate on the   island is tropical and   humid. The temperature is approximately the same all year round and rarely drops below + 26 ° C.

On the   island is the norm a huge amount of rainfall. The rainy season here lasts from   November to   January, and   May   is the driest month, rains and thunderstorms last only 19   days.  


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Topic: Geography and climate in Pulau Ubin.Geography and climate in Pulau Ubin

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