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Chiang Mai. Recreation and entertainment

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Chiang Mai is famous for its ancient culture. It was founded by King Mengral back in 1296.   Today the city is actively developing. It is famous for artistic woodcarving and is the center of hiking in Thailand.

In addition, Chiang Mai offers its guests daily excursions on elephants, rafting on local rivers. Also popular are multi-day excursions to appreciate the beauty of northern Thailand. On the slopes of some mountains, tribes live who have preserved the ancient traditional way of life.

  The level of service in hotels and restaurants is not inferior to the capital Thai establishments, but the prices are democratic. In addition, Chiang Mai is one of the few cities where locals and tourists visit the same markets, shops, etc.

Tourists bring unique souvenirs from Chiang May. Glassblowers, jewelers, chasers, weavers, potters still use the recipes and secrets of their ancestors for the production of their products. This is entirely handmade. The technology of making Thai silk has not changed over the centuries: its high price is explained by its high labor intensity.



The resort is rich in historical sights. Only in the city and its environs there are about 300 temples and other monuments of cultural heritage.

The most famous of them are: Doi-Suter-Srine, Wat-Chiang-Man, which is the oldest monastery in the region. Pra-Satang-Man famous for miniature images of Buddha, which were painted on the walls of the temple more than 2 thousand years ago.

Interesting for its architectural value Wat-Pra-Doi-Suthep temple (13-14 centuries), and the summer palace of the Phuping royal family.

At a distance of 5 km from Chiang Mai are the ruins of Wiang Kum Kam.

There is a Elephant School in the Mesa River Valley. Here, huge animals are taught to walk under the saddle and drag logs.

Not far from Chiang Mai, there are farms where Siamese cats are bred for export, and there are also orchid farms. They bloom in February, a national holiday is dedicated to orchids in Thailand, a flower festival is held.

Mehongson District is beautiful for its waterfalls, caves, parks. There are deposits of medicinal mud in the mountains, there are also hot springs.

Having visited "Cave of Fish", you can see colorful fish living in cave streams, many species of snails of different kinds live in the grotto colors and sizes. Tourists can admire the 100-meter Me Surin Waterfall, and the Nam Lot Cave will surprise with stalagmites and stalactites.


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Topic: Chiang Mai. Recreation and entertainment.Chiang Mai. Recreation and entertainment

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