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Geography and climate in Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai (in Thai"Northern Rose") - the capital of the province of the same name in Thailand, located in the north of the country, 800 km from Bangkok. The city is built among the mountains. The highest peak in Thailand - Doyinthanon (1676 m above sea level) is located here. Together with the Doipuy peak, it is part of the local national park.

Ching-Mai stands on the banks of the Ping River, which originates from the Tanentaungi ridge. Ping is especially full-flowing during monsoon rains, its waters are used for irrigation agriculture - rice growing.

Chiag Mai is the second largest city in Thailand. It is often used as a staging post between jungle excursions or a trip to the Golden Triangle, located on the border of Laos and Burma.

You can get to other cities from here by bus or train, the airport operates.

Chiang Mai's time zone: GMT +7 (+3 to Moscow).


The climate of Chiang Mai differs from the climatic conditions   Bangkok.

November-March is considered a cool period here - from +23 to +33 degrees, in the mountains at night the temperature can drop to zero.

In March-May there is a forty-degree heat, and in the rainy season (June-October), even storms are observed and the temperature again drops to + 23 ... + 30 degrees.

But even during the hot season, Chiang Mai has cool evenings.

GMT +7 (+3 to Moscow).

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Topic: Geography and climate in Chiang Mai.Geography and climate in Chiang Mai

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