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Arched gate in Turkey, Side resort

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Once the city of Side was one of the main ports of Pamphylia. The city was founded by Greek colonists from the Aeolith in the 7th century BC. Subsequently, the city was ruled by the Lycians and Persians, the Seleucids, the rulers of Rome and Pergamum, as well as Alexander the Great. The city reached its stage of prosperity in the 2-3rd centuries AD. on the slave trade.

The city begins behind the high, powerful city gates, erected in 71 BC. as a sign of respect for the Roman emperor Vespasian. The emperor ruled the city for 70 years.

Today, the arched gate, as before, is the main one in the city. Over the centuries, their appearance has changed frequently. The gates reached a height of about six meters. In our time, despite the dilapidated state, the gate, as before, continue to amaze tourists with their uniqueness and grandeur.

The arched gate is located between two towers. On the walls, on either side of the gate, there are arches with niches in which the statues of the emperor and other noble people were previously located.

The road leading from the gate is considered the main street of old Side.

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Topic: Arched gate in Turkey, Side resort.Arched gate in Turkey, Side resort

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