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Turku. Recreation and entertainment

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Ski holidays

A few kilometers from the city, on the Kakskerrantie highway, there is a small ski resort Hirvensalo. There are four slopes for skiers of different difficulty levels. The longest track in the resort is about 400 meters long.

All slopes of the resort are equipped with special snow cannons and are illuminated for evening and night skiing. There are also several rails specially equipped for extreme skiers and snowboard lovers. There is also a track for flat skiing. Hirvensalo has a small cafe and ski equipment rental.

On the Teikjontie highway, south of the city, is the MeriTeijo Ski ski complex. The complex has 10 excellently equipped and well-lit trails. There is also a children's play area and a great snow park.

The complex has a restaurant, cafeteria and equipment rental. There is also a shop selling equipment and clothing for winter sports.

In the Ominnefors area, just south of the MeriTeijo Ski complex, there is the Pominne ski center. The center offers five equipped and lighted tracks, the longest track of the complex is up to 550 meters long. There are rails for snowboarders. The complex has a cafeteria and a rental shop.


Attractions and tourism

The medieval Turku Castle is one of the city's most popular attractions. The building was built at the mouth of the Aura River. Previously, the building served as a camp fortification and the residence of the viceroy of the King of Switzerland, which in 1280 was reborn into a castle. In 1941, the castle was destroyed by bombing. In 1961, the restoration of the castle was completed, after which the building was transformed and today it serves as a museum. There are expositions dedicated to the Bronze, Stone and Iron Ages; halls of different eras, medieval sculptures, as well as a collection of 17-19th century costumes. There is a souvenir shop on the territory of the castle, and theater evenings are often held.

The city's Cathedral is the country's national sanctuary and one of the most valuable architectural monuments of the Middle Ages. In the choir of the temple, there is a museum of the cathedral, which displays valuable wooden sculptures, fabrics and church dishes.

Turku Fortress from the very beginning of the 19th century was the administrative center and the main fortress of Finland. Today the fortress is divided into two architectural complexes - the fortress and the utility part, which houses the historical museum of the city.


To the southwest of the city is the Saaristomeri archipelago, which has absorbed thousands of islets and islands, being one of the largest archipelagos in the world.

Saaristomeri National Park is located on the coast of the city. A variety of flora and fauna is represented in the park. Here you can get acquainted with the numerous islands of the archipelago and their unique and varied nature.

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