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Lapland is home to some of the most famous ski resorts in   Finland, and   also the famous birthplace of Santa Claus.


Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland and   a wonderful ski resort located at the   Arctic Circle.

The city is also famous as the homeland of Santa Claus, there is a real famous village of Santa Claus (in other cities   is his residence), many winter attractions and   other excursion objects.


Recently, a research and   exhibition The Arctic Center, in   which tells about the   nature and   life of the northern part of the earth.

The city also houses a well-equipped sports ski center Ounasvaara.

Popular here and   excursions to   Arctic Circle, which is located just   8   km from   city.

The city's ski resort is perfect for beginner skiers ... There are nine equipped ski slopes, the slopes are equipped with four lifts. For snowboarders, there is a half-pipe at the   resort. All lovers of flat trails will be able to   appreciate 100 kilometers of excellent trails, some of which are   illuminated.

The ski season at the   resort starts from   the end of November.


The Levi resort is located in   west of Lapland,   100 kilometers from the   Arctic Circle. Often, the resort hosts stages of competitions for the   World Cup and   Europe in   various alpine skiing sports.

The resort is the only place in   Finland where a gondola cable car was built and   where international slalom competitions are held.

Every year the resort opens new lifts and tracks, making skiing more varied. The slopes of the resort are ideal for both professional skiers and beginners.

There is also a ski school, where experienced Russian-speaking instructors will be able to teach skiing to both adults and   children.

In addition, the resort has an extensive network of trails designed for snowmobiles (600   kilometers) and   flat trails (230   kilometers, some of   which are illuminated).

For children at the   resort there is a children's playground with   sports and   interesting games, a ski school, a game entertainment center.


The Pyha resort is located in   Pyhatunturi district,   53   kilometers beyond the Arctic Circle. The natural ski season at the   resort lasts from   end of November to   May, and   special snow cannons maintain the density and   the required thickness of the snow cover throughout the year.

The slopes of the resort are very popular with   fans of extreme skiing. For fans of snowmobiling, the resort has 250 kilometers of excellent trails. It is also home to one of the   most difficult slopes in   Finland Shout of a Man.

There is a ski school in the   resort.


Saariselka is the northernmost resort in Lapland, located in the   territory of the Urho Kekkonen National Park, which was named after the   former President of Finland.

The ski slopes are located   900 meters from the   resort. They are ideal for middle class skiers. Walking ski trails start next to   cottages and   hotels, the total length of trails is 250   kilometers, 40   kilometers from   of them are illuminated.

Also among the tundra lies 65   kilometers of excellent tracks for snowmobiles.

The ski season at the   resort lasts from   late October to   early May.

In addition to activities downhill skiing in Saariselka, you can visit several museums (in   in particular the Gold Museum and   Sami Ethnographic Museum) and   the most northerly in   country and   in   all Europe, water entertainment center   - water park Holiday Club Saariselka.


The resort occupies one of the   leading places in   Finland in terms of   the length of ski slopes and   height difference. In   2002 Yllas was recognized as the best ski resort in the country.

The resort is divided into   two villages: Yllasjarvi on the   south side of the hill and   Jakaslompolo on the   north side. The main skiing area is also divided into two areas: on the   side of Yllasjarvi there is a zone Isu-Yllas, and   on the   side of Yakaslompolo   - Yllas-Ski. Both of these areas are connected by lifts.

For children at   the resort is equipped with playgrounds, children's slopes, a slide with   sharp turns, tunnels and   jumps and   much more.

The resort is famous for the most extensive network of flat trails in the country, the total length of which is 250   kilometers. There are also a variety of opportunities for active winter recreation: cross-country and   downhill skiing, telemark, snowboarding, off-piste skiing. Yllas has the only Super-G highway in the   country.

The ski season at the   resort is open from   beginning of December to   beginning of May.

A popular excursion in   Yllas is an excursion to   the so-called"Lapland Hell"   - a deep lake surrounded by high rocks, where the ancient Lapps performed ritual sacrifices.



The Salla resort is located in   South Lapland, which is famous for its excellent ski resorts. The resort is perfect for families.

In   2003, the World Championship in downhill skiing and   European Cup in   freestyle were held here.

The resort has 12 excellently prepared and equipped tracks. There are slopes and   for beginner skiers and   for professionals. The maximum vertical drop is 230   meters, the longest track has a length of   1.3   kilometers.

For lovers of snowboarding, the resort has half-pipe and   street. Lovers of cross-country skiing will appreciate the well-prepared trails, passing through the forests and   hills.

The ski season at the   resort lasts from   mid November to   early May.

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