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Geography and climate in Fethiye

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Fethiye is a resort town (and area of the same name) located in   the south-western part of the country, 55 kilometers from Dalaman airport and 135 kilometers from the port city of Marmaris.

In antiquity, on the site of Fethiye there was a city of Telmessos (Telmes), which was part of the 5th century BC The Delian alliance, formed for the war with Persia, and later renamed Anastasiopolis.

A century later, the city began to bear the name Makri, which survived until 1914, when Fethiye received its current name in honor of the tragically deceased military pilot Fethi Bey.

The population of Fethiye is approximately 65   000 people.

Time zone: GMT + 2 (- 1 hour with Moscow).


The climate of the resort is influenced, on the one hand, by the proximity of the mountainous area, and on the other, by the sea.

Summer in   Fethiye is long-lasting, soft, dry, with lots of sunny days. Winters in this region are quite cold, they account for most of the precipitation.

The daytime air temperature in summer averages +27 ° C, and the temperature of sea water from June to August ranges from +22 ° C to +24 ° C.


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Topic: Geography and climate in Fethiye.Geography and climate in Fethiye

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