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Geography and climate in Side

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The resort city of Side is located on the Mediterranean coast between the cities of Antalya (75 kilometers away)   and Manavgat (located at a distance of 15   kilometers).

The first settlers came to Side from Greece in the 7th century BC. The resort owes its name to them. In the local dialect"side" meant"pomegranate". The fruits of this widespread and revered   by the Greeks, plants were depicted on ancient coins. Pomegranate is still one of the most common horticultural crops grown in this region today.  

Currently Side   is a significant resort center of the country, annually visited by thousands of tourists.

The resort area of Side includes such areas as Cholokli, Manavgat, Sorgun and Kumkoy.

Side resort time zone: GMT +2 (-1 hour from Moscow).


The mild Mediterranean climate of the Side resort is favorable for recreation at any time of the year, but especially popular among tourists is   from May to October.

The summer period is characterized by a large   number of sunny days. The average daily air temperature at this time is +28 ° C.

The average water temperature at the resort in the summer months   very pleasant: + 25 ° C.

Winters in this area are characterized by high rainfall and an average air temperature of + 10 ° C.

Side resort time zone: GMT +2 (-1 hour with Moscow).

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Topic: Geography and climate in Side.Geography and climate in Side

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