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Geography and climate in Havenley

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Geography and   Climate

Almost on the very border of the states of Nevada and   Heavenly ski resort lies. It takes its origin from   Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, around which there are 16 more   ski resorts.

Heavenly is considered the largest and   picturesque resort in the region. Its snowy peaks rise above the waters of the lake at   1066   meters. The area of the mountains is 1942   hectares.

At   88   km from the resort is Reno International Airport (Nevada). It is more convenient to get from   by   regular bus, the journey time will take about an hour. Sacramento Airport (California) is located   two hours from   Heavenly. In   as an alternative, you can fly to   San Francisco with   a further 3.5 hour transfer (360   km) to   destination. There is a free shuttle bus from the   ski center to the   city.

Heavenly has a mountainous, humid climate. There are about 300 sunny days in a   year. In the   cold months, air masses bring heavy snowfalls from the ocean. For   year, 914   cm of precipitation falls on the territory of the resort. Winters are mild here, and summers are cool. The average daily temperature in January is -5 ° С.   The artificial snow system allows you to rest comfortably here from   November to   May.

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Topic: Geography and climate in Havenley.Geography and climate in Havenley

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