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Jurmala. Recreation and entertainment

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Jurmala is a large and perhaps the most famous Latvian resort. The sand covering the beaches of Jurmala is of quartz origin and white in color, which makes the beaches look unforgettably romantic and fresh. The beaches have all the necessary equipment, there is no charge for finding them.

In Bulduri and Majori, those who wish can rent jet skis, relax in beach cafes, spend time playing beach volleyball or football. Children, as a rule, are happy to build various structures out of sand. In addition, Majori is an intensively developing area, where many shops and entertainment establishments are concentrated.

Jurmala Beach best suited for families with children, the seabed is flat, the water depth near the coast is shallow. In Jurmala you can go water skiing, pedal boats, and diving.

Vaivari Beach is great for those who prefer a secluded getaway. Despite the fact that it has all the necessary beach equipment, and the approach to the shore is very convenient, there are not many people here.

Windsurfers come to Pumpuri, and the beaches of Dzintari and Dubulti are famous for their open beach volleyball competitions for everyone, and also football.

Opportunities for accommodation in Jurmala are large, for every taste: from small guest houses to large hotels of the European level. Rest in Jurmala is comfortable not only due to the natural beauty of these places, but also due to the developed tourist infrastructure. There are many cafes, restaurants, bars and shops here.

In Jurmala there is a well-known concert hall"Dzintari", where festivals and concerts take place, as well as a water park"Livu Akvaparks" with a lot of all kinds of water attractions. This water park is one of the largest water parks in northern Europe. There is a yacht club in Jurmala, where anyone can rent a yacht and go on a sea voyage on it.


Jurmala is an interesting city in many respects, including architectural one. There are 414 buildings included in the list of architectural monuments.

While having a rest in Jurmala, you can visit Jurmala City Museum, where you can get acquainted with the history of the resort itself, as well as exhibits from the field of art, as well as underwater archeology.

One beautiful Orthodox Church of St. Prince Vladimir is located in Dubulti, and the other - of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul is located in Kemeri.

A monument to the famous Latvian poets Aspazija and Rainis is erected on Jomas street, located in the Majori district.

In Dubulti, administrative and the cultural center, you can see various historical buildings. There is a Lutheran church, made in the Art Nouveau style, where the museum of history and art of Jurmala, a beautiful park, and also the sanatorium"Marienbad" are located. The carved gates of the sanatorium are considered a work of blacksmithing art. The interior of"Marienbad" includes various items of cultural and artistic value.

Dubulti also houses the house of Undine fairy tales. In"Undine", which contains a lot of interesting exhibits, concerts, lectures and other cultural events are held on Saturdays, interesting for both children and adults interested in history and art.

Dzintari - the most beautiful region of Jurmala - known for its historical buildings and architectural monuments, in addition, here you can visit an exhibition of ancient technology.

On the territory of the Dzintari concert hall there is an architecturally interesting Maksimovich bathing house, which is a wooden complex built in 1906. This institution is made in a pseudo-Russian style, including elements of modernity.

On Dzintari Avenue, you can see buildings belonging to a variety of architectural styles and trends. Noteworthy, for example, is the dacha of Kristaps Morberg, built in the 19th century in the neo-Gothic style. In the courtyard there is a fountain and a park with exotic plants.

B Bulduri you can see the brick temple “Bulduri luteranu baznica”. It is a large, active Lutheran church in the back of a large garden. This garden was previously called Edinburgh Park.

Kemeri Nature Reserve as well as Ragakapa Nature Park attract many visitors. The area of the Rakagapa park is about 84 hectares, with pine trees growing here, which are more than three centuries old.

Rakagapa Park includes a ridge of dunes, their width is about 100 meters, and their length is about 1 kilometer. Ragakapa contains rare species of animals and plants. Various ecotrails have been formed here:"Plant trail","Nature trail","Insect trail", and also"Pine trail".

There are sulfur springs in the Kemeri reserve, which have been attracting tourists for centuries. Water from these springs has medicinal properties and is used in traditional medicine.

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