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Alanya beaches: Okurcalar

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Okurcalar is a resort territorially subordinate to Alanya, located on the way to Antalya. There are about 80 kilometers between the capital of Turkish tourism and the resort. The recently opened resort has declared itself as one of the places of elite recreation, therefore the beach here is one of the most luxurious and expensive on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

Like most other beaches in Turkey, Okurcalar has free admission, but this is where the free services end. Equipment rental and beach entertainment will depend on the prestige of the hotel, which is assigned to a particular sector of the coast. There are also economical hotels, and there is also a five-star luxury of the European level. In addition, classic Turkish baths and SPA salons are created at the hotels.


Beach in Okurcalar

The coast itself is sandy - pebble, beautifully warmed by the sun, the entrance to the sea is shallow and long, which is good for those who come with children. Resort guests who do not want to take their child to the beach can leave him in the water park, that is built nearby - experienced nannies closely monitor the playing children. Active water sports are just developing here, but diving clubs are already being created, as well as rental points for windsurfing and water skiing equipment.

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Topic: Alanya beaches: Okurcalar.Alanya beaches: Okurcalar

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