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Rouen Cathedral in France, Rouen resort

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Rouen Cathedral – Gothic cathedral, seat of the Archbishop of Rouen and Normandy. Uniform style of the cathedral – gothic, but of different periods. The early Gothic style is represented in the 12th century tower of St. Romanus, side portals and a nave. The main part of the cathedral is built in the high Gothic style: the first floor of the cathedral, transept, part of the nave, choir, lamp tower. The last floor of the tower of Saint Roman, the last floor of the lamppost and the main portal are made in the style of the flaming (late Gothic). Rouen Cathedral was the tallest building in the world for several years (from 1876 to 1880). Some of the windows still have 13th century stained-glass windows, famous for the unusual blue color called Chartres blue.

The heart of Richard the Lionheart, mortally wounded in the neck by a crossbow arrow on the walls of the Chalus-Chabrol Palace, is buried on the grounds of the cathedral. It is enclosed in a stone sarcophagus, crowned with a sculptural image of the king.

On the territory of the cathedral is the grave of one of the followers of Richard the Lionheart, Rollon (Hrolf the Pedestrian or Robert I), the founder and ruler of the Viking principality (which later became Normandy). There was also a marble tombstone of John Plantagenet (or John of Lancacer), who, according to legends, is considered the murderer of Joan of Arc. His grave was destroyed in the 16th century during the religious wars by the Calvinists, who, moreover, destroyed most of the furniture, graves and stained glass windows.

In the 18th century, the cathedral was nationalized by the French government, some of the sculptures were sold, the wrought-iron fences of the chapels were melted down to make rifles.

Rouen Cathedral was subjected to an air attack: in April 1944, seven bombs, part of the transept and stained glass windows were damaged; in June of the same year, during a new bombing raid, the north tower, the oldest tower of the cathedral, was burned down. Bells melted in the fire. And in 1999, a wooden tower, covered with copper, fell on the church from a gusty wind, as a result of which the choir was severely damaged.


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Topic: Rouen Cathedral in France, Rouen resort.Rouen Cathedral in France, Rouen resort

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