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Valley of the Kings in Egypt, Luxor resort

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Valley of the Kings – these are the royal tombs, which are lost not far from the place where Thebes used to be.

Now 64 tombs have been found here. They are all similar to each other – a 200-meter corridor goes down steeply from the entrance. It ends with several rooms. The entrance to each tomb is closed with huge stones.

The Valley of the Kings was founded by Pharaoh Thutmose I. He was the first of the rulers who wanted to be buried not near the temple in a rich tomb, but secretly.

Almost all the tombs of the Valley of the Kings were ravaged long ago. The best preserved tomb of Tutankhamun, found by the archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922.

At the time of its discovery, this tomb was overflowing with gold and ornaments. It is thanks to the good preservation of the tomb that the pharaoh, who was not very significant and had little time to do, became so famous in our time.

In the very first room there were chairs with inserts of ivory, silver, gold and gems, beds, golden chariots , a quiver with arrows and gloves for archery, chests with jewelry and clothes of the pharaoh, vessels made of stone.

Tutankhamun's mummy remained completely intact and was placed in three sarcophagi – the outer was of wood covered with gilding, the middle – the same, but interspersed with glass, and the last, internal – made entirely of gold. The height of the sarcophagus – 2 meters, and it contains 200 kilograms of gold.

During his lifetime, the pharaoh was only 168 centimeters tall. He died at the age of 18-20. It is believed that he died of a complicated fracture of the leg.

Undoubtedly, the main treasure of the tomb is – this is the throne of the pharaoh. It is made of wood, decorated with glass, faience and stones, and trimmed with gold. The legs of the throne are shaped like a lion's paws, and the handles are – winged serpents.

Papyri and water birds are depicted on the back of the throne, and in front - and ndash; Pharaoh himself and his wife.

Now almost all the treasures from the tomb of Tutankhamun are exhibited in the Egyptian Museum. They all cover an area equal to a football field.  

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Topic: Valley of the Kings in Egypt, Luxor resort.Valley of the Kings in Egypt, Luxor resort

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