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Geography and Climate in Silhouette

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Silhouette is the third largest Seychelles archipelago, one of the most visited resorts in the country. Situated in the Indian Ocean 25 kilometers northwest of Mahe Island, this tropical islet is the ideal destination for leisurely relaxation and active water sports. The categories of guests of the resort are diverse, as are its tourist infrastructure.

Almost the entire island is an equatorial jungle, in the depths of which a residential area was built, as well as modern tourist facilities. Favorable conditions once allowed to turn Silhouette into plantation grounds, the remaining buildings of which were partially converted into small hotels, and partially into sightseeing facilities.

They get to the Silhouette only with a transfer on the island of Mahe. From Seychelles International Airport, a transfer is organized, which consists of two stages: first, the tourist group is picked up by a minibus going to one of the piers, from where the guests of the resort are already leaving by speedboat. The transportation service costs quite high, but this is the only way to get to the Siluet.

The island's climatic characteristics correspond to the subequatorial zone. Weather conditions have a clear division into seasons - from December to May there are extremely high temperatures and extremely high levels of precipitation, from June to October there is practically no rain, but the average daily air temperature decreases.

Average temperature from July to September rarely rises above +26 ° C, this period is considered winter here, but it is during these months that the main tourist influx falls. Precipitation during this period is insignificant - on average, no more than 30 mm falls per month.

From mid-October, the rains intensify, and the temperature rises sharply, the average will be +29 ° C. Due to frequent stormy winds, this season is not in demand among tourists.

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Topic: Geography and Climate in Silhouette.Geography and Climate in Silhouette

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