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Geography and climate in Brittany

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The Brittany Peninsula, 4/5 of the perimeter of which is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, is located in the west of France between the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay. Adjacent to the West Loire and Normandy.

In Brittany, there are the westernmost points of France - the island of Ouessant and the Pointe de Corsan.

The coastline of the peninsula is 3000 km.


The proximity of the ocean has a significant impact on the climate of Brittany.

The winter is mild and short (27 frosty days a year), the summer is moderately hot.

The beginning of March corresponds to the beginning of spring, which lasts for a long time, due to the fact that the temperature rises very slowly. Nevertheless, it is spring that is the most beautiful time of the year, since it is during this period that gorse and gorse bloom.

There is practically no precipitation, the winter is snowless, and the summer is dry. The exception is highlands, where precipitation is quite abundant during the cold season.

Thanks to the forests, the winds that rage on the shores do not penetrate deep into the peninsula.


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Topic: Geography and climate in Brittany.Geography and climate in Brittany

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