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Otztal. Recreation and entertainment

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The resort region of Otztal geographically unites such ski resorts as:
  • Sautens – the resort is perfect for both family and kids. It is located at an altitude of 812 meters and has slopes suitable for inexperienced skiers with a total length of 2,000 meters.
  • Father – a popular resort that provides excellent opportunities for both skiing and a comfortable holiday for families with children. The resort is located at an altitude of 820 meters and has a ski area from 1500 to 2200 meters, 11 lifts, a fan park and a ski school. The total length of Father's trails is 30,000 meters.
  • Amhausen – has both excellent ski slopes and excellent cross-country skiing trails. Located at an altitude of 1,036 meters and has 3 adult and 1 children's lifts.
  • Langenfeld – the resort, located in the center of the valley, offers its guests a variety of entertainment programs, several cinemas, bowling alleys, various discos, as well as ski schools for beginner ski lovers.

  • Gris – popular ski resort, located at an altitude of 1,569 meters, it offers its guests not only a ski school, but also the opportunity to climb the mountains.
  • Solden – the resort, located near glaciers with stunning natural views, has a high level of technical equipment, provides opportunities not only for active recreation, but also for shopping, has a sports complex on its territory, as well as a thermal complex, various swimming pools , tennis courts. The ski slopes of this resort are long and well-groomed.
  • Hochselden – located at an altitude of 2090 meters, and is one of the most popular ski resorts not only in the Otztal valley, but throughout the Tyrolean land. The most significant ski slopes are connected with the Rettenbach, Tiefenbach and Gais-Lachgol glaciers, in addition, the resort has a wonderful panoramic road, 2080 meters long.
  • Vent – is located in the foothills of the Wildspitze peak, the height of which is 3,774 meters, the total ski area of this resort is 2,680 meters, with a height difference of 780 meters. The resort provides excellent conditions for ski touring.
  • Obergurgl – a resort village located in the southern part of the valley, which has an excellent tourist infrastructure, as well as a high level of service, but does not differ, however, with democratic prices, so it cannot be said that it is noisy and crowded. On the contrary, the resort is ideal for wealthy people who prefer peace and solitude combined with a quality ski vacation.


  • Hochgurgl – offers both excellent cross-country skiing trails and comfortable skiing for skiers of various skill levels. The cable car connects Hochgurgl and Obergurgl, an area that provides guests with 23 lifts and pistes with a total length of 110 kilometers.


The Otztal region has many historical and cultural sights, undoubtedly worthy of attention, among them it is possible to highlight:
  • a man's parking lot, preserved from the Stone Age in the area of the Vent resort;
  • the historical part the city of Father, with its fountain `` St. Georgsbrunnen & raquo; and buildings with a long history;
  • archaeological and historical museums;
  • St. Catherine's Church, located in the resort of Langenfeld.
  • Franz Senna chapel, the construction of which refers to the year 1710.



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Topic: Otztal. Recreation and entertainment.Otztal. Recreation and entertainment

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