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Information about the Unawatuna resort in Sri Lanka

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The history of Unawatuna cannot boast of anything significant events: the small village has always remained picturesque a secluded place, very far from any shocks. However, one somewhat historical and even legendary event in Unawatuna nevertheless it happened and it is associated with the powerful god Hanuman, the son of god Vao, who once decided to move a piece of the Himalayas with a rare beauty and an abundance of medicinal herbs to another place, but on the way dropped, but did not somewhere, but exactly on the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

Legends are legends, but the surroundings of the village from time immemorial covered with dense virgin jungle, in which a great many rare plants, many of which really have powerful healing effect. Besides the lush tropical rainforest, Unawatuna is widely known for its beaches, which have been repeatedly recognized as the best on the planet. Unawatuna coastal strip protected from the ocean by two reefs that prevent large waves, so the beaches of Unawatuna are safe even during a storm.

Unawatuna cannot boast of luxury hotels and five-star hotels, most tourists who come here travel savage, and the main pastime is swimming in the sea, sunbathing and visiting cafes located right on the shore, which, in addition to food and drinks, can offer you a sun lounger or a mask with a snorkel for scuba diving. Unawatuna beaches are ideal for couples with children, since in many places the depth does not exceed one and a half meters.


However, say that Unawatuna is a place only for quiet rest would not be entirely true: the reefs that prevent the appearance of waves do not interfere with the rather strong current, which allows you to practice surfing. For this type of active recreation, the bay under the name Dalawella. Beyond surfing fishing, snorkeling, diving and catamarans are popular. For lovers thrills are definitely worth taking part in dive tours organized by by Unawatuna Diving Center, Ocean Dive Center and Sea Horse Scuba Diving Center, the main highlight of which is an underwater excursion to the sunken ships"Lord Nelson" and"Rangoon", and also observe the life of the inhabitants of the reefs.

Just a few kilometers from the village is a protected Kottawa rain forest. Need to say, that rain forests, a distinctive feature of which is the presence several"tiers", there are very, very few left on the planet, which makes a trip to such a forest is simply priceless. The tallest trees on the territory of the protected Kottava are dipterocarpuses: the first 30 meters of the trunk these giants are absolutely straight and devoid of branches, and the crown starting above consists of large leathery leaves that make up the upper layer of the forest, almost completely overshadowing sunlight. The moisture in the forest is approaching to 100%, water drips from plants, drains and squishes underfoot, and in small the lakes are inhabited by many small and harmless, but very voracious leeches, quite capable of ruining the mood.


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Topic: Information about the Unawatuna resort in Sri Lanka.Information about the Unawatuna resort in Sri Lanka

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