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Geography and Climate in Unawatuna

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Unawatuna is a small village located on the shores of the Indian Ocean, 5 km from Galle - the administrative center of the southern province of the state of Sri Lanka. There are several ways to get to Unawatuna, but, in any case, you first have to fly to Colombo by plane. You can get from Colombo to Unawatuna by taxi, which, however, will cost a pretty penny or by public transport with a stopover in Galle. For travelers who find the above modes of travel too boring and uninteresting and thirsty for adventure, there is a third option: from the airport in Colombo to get to Maharagma by tuk-tuk (tuk-tuk or"authoriksha" - a covered motor scooter-taxi, which is extremely popular budget way of transportation), then take a bus and get to the intersection with Minroad, after which, again, by tuk-tuk, solemnly enter Unawatuna.

The climate of Unawatuna is equatorial, so concepts such as winter and summer here, in fact, lose all meaning. So in December - the coldest month of the year - the air temperature does not drop below 28 ° C, and the average temperature of the hottest summer month - April - is 34 ° C. The water temperature in the Indian Ocean, washing the beaches of Unawatuna, fluctuates between 25-29 ° C all year round.


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Topic: Geography and Climate in Unawatuna.Geography and Climate in Unawatuna

Author: Kelly Costine