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Information about Telc, Czech Republic

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Telc can be considered one of the most ancient settlements in the Czech Republic. According to chronicles, the city was founded in the XI century and during its long history became famous primarily as a trade center on the southern borders of the Czech Republic. One of the main attractions of Telc is the local Castle - once the residence of King Charles IV, and now the central building of the historical district of the city, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Telc differs from a number of other large cities in the Czech Republic that there is no fast foods, but there are small cozy bars, cafes and restaurants. What cannot but please the budget conscious tourists, the prices even in the most luxurious restaurant by the city's standards are very democratic. This was done not so much for local residents as to attract a tourist flow, This modest, but very beautiful town is not too indulgent with visits.



The central attraction of Telc is Telc Castle, a unique building belonging to to the Renaissance. It is worth noting that this is one of the few Czech castles of that period that have survived to this day in an almost pristine appearance. In fact, the castle existed here before, in the XIV century, but it became the official center of the future city only after the restructuring as the residence of the future King Charles IV.

Inside the castle, there are now several exhibition halls, most of which have been preserved from the 16th century: this is the African Hall, where the heads of animals killed by the owners of the castle are located, and the Golden Hall, where you can see masterpieces from Czech wood carvers. Also, one of the premises of the castle is given over to the Museum of Czech Toys - here you can see a variety of traditional types of children's toys made from about the 18th century.

On the territory of the palace there is also a Castle Garden is an example of Renaissance geometric parks. The owners and current management of the castle have carefully guarded the appearance of the garden for several centuries - absolutely all the trees are in the places where they were at the time of creation. Here you can also see a greenhouse with several dozen species of exotic flowers.

On the main square of the city, surrounded by ancient fountains, you can see the central sculptural composition - The Marian Column. For many cities in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe, this is a typical monument, also called the plague pillar. The column was erected in honor of the end of the plague in 1720, at the top you can see the Virgin Mary, and the pedestal is decorated with sculptures of several Catholic saints.

The main Christian shrine in Telc is The Church of St. James - late Gothic building of 1370. It will be interesting not only for pilgrims, but also for everyone who wants to see the pride of the cathedral - the 16th century clock tower, which is now a museum. The exhibition contains a number of documents related to the history of the church, as well as a fully working clock mechanism, which was replaced by an electric one in the 20th century. This is one of the unique opportunities to see the huge gears from inside the tower.

Another temple, this time the oldest in the city, is the Church of the Holy Spirit. According to the surviving records, it was created at the beginning of the XIV century; to this day, only the bell tower has survived in its original form. The rest of the church building is an example of the late Gothic of the 15th century. Over the many centuries of its existence, hospitals, educational institutions and even warehouses were created at the cathedral, which could not but damage the decoration of the temple. Now the church is being actively restored, to a large extent it has been restored, but services and excursions are not held here on weekdays.


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