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Geography and climate in Karlovy Vary

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Karlovy Vary is a famous Czech spa famous for its mineral springs. This picturesque place is located 120 km from Prague and 45 km from the border with Germany.

The city is located in a green valley where the Tepla, Ohre and Rolava rivers merge, and is surrounded by the Ore Mountains. The resort is named after its discoverer - Emperor Charles IV, who discovered the healing properties of the springs of this and the place and ordered to build a city around them.

Now Karlovy Vary is the largest Czech resort, which is very popular with tourists.

There is an international airport 4.5 km from the resort, there are railway stations and an intercity bus terminal in the city.

Time zone of Karlovy Vary: GMT + 1 (- 2 hours from Moscow).


The climate in the Karlovy Vary resort is foothill, usually mild and quite warm. The average annual air temperature in the city is + 7 ... + 8 ° C. Summer maximum temperature:

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Topic: Geography and climate in Karlovy Vary.Geography and climate in Karlovy Vary

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