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Geography and climate in Marianske Lazne

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Marianske Lazne is the second largest and most popular resort in the Czech Republic. It is located from the city of Karlovy Vary - 55 km, from the border with Germany - 20 km.

In the immediate vicinity of the resort there is a forest strip almost 20 km wide, which makes it a very picturesque place.

The Marianske Lazne resort is famous for its medicinal mineral waters, the existence of which was discovered in 16 century. In the 19th century, the city became a famous resort throughout Europe. During this time, such famous persons as the Russian Emperor Alexander III, the German writer Goethe, the Polish composer Chopin managed to visit it, in whose honor the International Music Festival is held every August.

The modern resort of Marianske Lazne continues to increase its popularity ...

You can get to the city using a transfer - a pre-ordered means of transportation that is most convenient for a tourist (for example, a car or a bus).

The time zone of Marianske Lazne is GMT + 1 (- 2 hours with Moscow).


The climate of the Marianske Lazne resort lies in the transition area from the Central European maritime climate to the continental one. It is considered very mild and curative.

Since the settlement is located at an altitude of 576-630 m above sea level, the air in it is foothill, rarefied, which also has a healing effect.

Average temperature for winter here it is about -5 ° C, in summer 20 ° C.

Healing springs, terrenkury (walking) along wooded hills and nature trails, cultural life of the city - all this will not leave indifferent any tourist.


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Topic: Geography and climate in Marianske Lazne.Geography and climate in Marianske Lazne

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