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Curpipe. Recreation and entertainment

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Attractions and tourism

The city is home to the buildings of the largest organizations and embassies, and there are also many luxurious houses that belonged to important persons.

The highlight of the Curpipe is considered to be Trou-o- Surf is an extinct volcano located near the city. The volcano's crater reaches 200 meters in diameter and 85 meters deep.

In the city, be sure to visit the City Hall, built in colonial style, the city Town Hall, King's College, which is one of the the oldest educational institutions on the island, as well as many buildings of the colonial era.

Near the city is the largest football stadium in Mauritius. And just 6 kilometers from Curpipe is Park"Black River Gorge", where tourists can observe rare species of plants and birds.

The city is also home to many shops, restaurants and cafes, which are often full on the eve of the holidays.

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Topic: Curpipe. Recreation and entertainment.Curpipe. Recreation and entertainment

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