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Ma An Volcano in China, Hainan Resort

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Volcanic activity in Hainan stopped 8 thousand years ago. Its only evidence is the many extinct volcanoes. There are tourist routes to their craters.
The most famous among them is – this is the Ma-An volcano. It is located southwest of Qiongshan at 14 kilometers and at a distance of 27 kilometers from Hayoku. The last time this saddle-shaped volcano erupted was about 50 thousand years ago. It is one of the best preserved extinct volcanoes in the entire world. There are 72 grottoes in the piles of igneous rocks.
The road to the crater of the volcano is lined with volcanic magma. The crater itself is protected by a railing and is equipped with an observation deck from which you can look inside the volcano.
The neck of the boat – it's frozen lava overgrown with forests and bushes. All this is arranged as a geological park. There is a restaurant at the foot of the volcano, and in front of the restaurant there is a stage where performances take place in the evenings.

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Topic: Ma An Volcano in China, Hainan Resort.Ma An Volcano in China, Hainan Resort

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