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Alanya. Recreation and entertainment

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The resort region of Alanya has territorially absorbed several picturesquely framed by orange groves and banana plantations of resort villages:   Incekum, Mahmutlar, Okurcalar, Avsallar, Karaburun, Konakli.

Each village can offer guests   their own characteristics, common to all of them is the fact that they are located in a beautiful area.  

Karaburun Resort has   various hotels, most of which are 4- and 5-star. Many hotel complexes are adjacent to parks and gardens.

  Incekum   - the resort, which occupies 8 kilometers of coastal strip, is known for its clean, well-maintained beaches and fine sand covering them. This resort is perfect for children and family recreation.

Avsallar is a resort village, located near Incekum. In Avsallar there are shops (including souvenirs), cafes and restaurants. The seabed in this area cannot be called flat, so the resort is not popular with families with small children.

Okurcalar is the most fashionable resort in Alanya. The level of service here is excellent, but the prices cannot be called democratic either. The resort offers excellent conditions both for   for beach holidays and for lovers of discos and bars.

Konakli is a resort that also offers guests to plunge into “ nightlife",   with its vibrant entertainment: clubs, discos, bars and restaurants.

Mahmutlar is a resort village characterized by excellent ecological conditions, comfortable hotels and excellent conditions for beach holidays.

The swimming season at the above resorts begins in early May and lasts until October inclusive.

The level of service here is very high, since there are almost no"three-star" hotels, most of them are & nbsp; comfortable"four" - and"five-star", however, Alanya cannot be ranked among expensive resorts, the price level here is the most democratic.



The personification of Alanya is called the Red Tower, which is depicted on the coat of arms of the city. The tower rises on a rocky promontory. The tower is 33 meters high and 29 meters in diameter. In ancient times, the tower served as a bulwark against attacks from foreigners. Since 1979, the Ethnographic Museum has been operating in it, presenting various interesting exhibitions.  

Alanya Caves are widely known, especially the most significant of them - Damlatash. Its walls and vaults are covered with ancient stalactites and stalagmites of different colors, whose age is over 15   000 years old, and the air of the cave is considered healing, contributing to the recovery from various respiratory diseases.

In Phosphoric Cave
you can see the phosphorescent surface of the stone vaults, and the Lovers' Cave keeps the legend according to which two loving people who passed through it will forever remain together.

Also   one can note the romantic Cleopatra beach, located in the village of Incekum, where, according to legend, the queen spent her time in the arms of the famous Roman commander Mark Antony.


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