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Mahdia. Recreation and entertainment

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The tourist infrastructure in   Mahdia is well developed, but   is not   as strong as, for example, in   Sousse. This makes Mahdia more attractive for those who like quiet or family holidays. Suitable for tourists with   children.

Mahdia's business card   - excellent beaches with   clean white sand. The water at the   shores has a special color   - bright emerald.

There are not   so many hotels in the city   - more outside the   city limits, in   quiet cozy tourist area. Most of the hotels are located right on the   coast.

A" tourist train" runs along the coast, on   where you can get to the   city. Another way to get to the   city from the   hotel   is to take a   taxi.

There are 20   hotels in the resort area: three five-star, three four-star, the rest have three stars. The total number of beds in   hotels   - about 10   000.

The Caribbean World Mahdia Hotel has its own water park for children.

There are two hotels in Mahdia own diving center (this is Mahdia Beach 4 *   and   Club Thapsus   3 *). Diving in   the city is not   poorly developed, but   for professionals it   will be of little interest   - flora and   the fauna of coastal waters is not   impressive. Although, their   can be attracted by the unusual bottom topography, with   grottoes and   great depths.

But for beginners in the   Le   Mahdois diving center, a special five-day diving course is held. After its completion, tourists receive a special international certificate.

Many vacationers are attracted by the embankment   - an ideal place for walking. It is built up with cafes and   restaurants. There is a amusement park nearby.

In   Mahdia has daily fish markets, known for a wide variety of assortment. There are several riding clubs open in the city, which will surely interest equestrian sports lovers.

Most of the shops and   souvenir shops are located in   Mdina. Here   is the most famous of   them   - jewelry shopping center "Gold Bazaar".



Mahdia is rich in cultural and   historical attractions. The main ones of   are:

Mdina   - a walled medieval city.

Skifa el-Kahla   - the fortress gate leading to   Cairo square of Mdina. They are a corridor, the length of which is   - 21   meters.

Silk Weaving Museum   - located in the   former Sfar Mosque. Here you can learn about the   history of the development of silk-weaving production in Mahdia.

Borj al-Ras   - tower of the XVI   century, decorated with the image of a lion.

Great Mosque   - built in 921   years. Destroyed by the Spaniards in the   XVI   century. Only fragments of the building have survived, restored in the   early XX   century.

Borj Mahdia (Borj el-Kebir)   - a fortress built in the   16th century on the   very edge cape. Religious building with   walls, the thickness is 10   meters.


Travel Tips

be sure to try the blue fish found in the   coastal waters.

In   lemon, olive and   orange orchards, you can pick fruits, having previously obtained permission from the   watchman.

It is not   recommended to purchase fruits on   beaches. They are usually poorly washed and   more expensive than in stores.

It is forbidden to drink alcohol in public places (except for   beer).

Official buildings may not be photographed.

Taking away food from   restaurants is prohibited, as  

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Topic: Mahdia. Recreation and entertainment.Mahdia. Recreation and entertainment

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