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Hawaiian Islands. Recreation and entertainment

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Beach Vacation   - this is one of the   main types of recreation in Hawaii. On the   numerous beaches of the islands, you can swim, sunbathe or just lie under the sun. On the   major beaches you can find almost everything you need   - from   disposable camera to   sun cream.

On   Oahu the largest beaches   are Kailua Beach Park, Lanikai Beach, and   also the best beach in Hawaii   - Hanauma Bay Beach ... On   Hawaii the largest beaches   are Mauna Kea Beach and   Hapuna, on   Maui   - Kaanapali Beach and   Kapalua Bay Beach, on   Kauai   - Poipu Beach.

You can also swim in   pools with fresh and   salt water at hotels and   hotels.

Diving   is the main sport in the   Hawaii. A very popular diving site on the   island of Maui, where the submerged Molokini crater is located. Lovers of sunken ships should visit   Oahu.

On the   west coast of the island of Hawaii, you can dive into   Turtle Hole, Eel Cave, and         Meet   Manta ray. Manta   is a giant stingray, near this island it is   almost harmless.

More experienced divers should visit the southern coast of Kauai. The sunken ship"Luckenbach","Sheraton Caves", and   also lava caves, in which you can meet a shark, are very interesting to visit here.

Hawaiian cuisine is famous for its seafood   dishes. Integral parts of the cuisine of the islands   -"laulau"   - pork or fish for   steamed,"lomilomi"   - chopped raw salmon and  "opakapaka" from   pink snapper. Spicy lovers will love the local red onion.

You should definitely try the pig baked in the   pit. Her   is usually eaten at   sunset, and   the process of eating is accompanied by a dance"hula" or fire show. Together, this is called"Luau".

Not   in   in last place are tropical fruits. In addition to banal oranges and   bananas, you can try the"fruit of passion" or carambole with   unusual floral taste. It is also worth trying local cocktails   -"Lover" s flower"and  " May-tai". They are available both in   non-alcoholic and   in   alcoholic form.

Every evening on the   islands are different shows, from which you can perfectly recognize the national flavor. Visitors are taught to dance Polynesian dances, weave wreaths, extract milk from   coconut.



Volcanoes. Hawaii is a chain of   active and   extinct volcanoes. The most active of   them   - Kilauea and   Manua Loa, which is also   the highest active volcano in the   world.

Not far from   active volcanoes there are observatories and   observation platforms, extinct   volcanoes are cut by paths and   roads. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, located on the   island of Hawaii, covers 93   thousand hectares. Here you can look at   Halemaumau crater and   Kilauela volcano, see how boiling lava flows into the   Pacific Ocean, instantly cooling down. Also in the   park there is a museum of volcanology.

Cultural Center of Polynesia. The Polynesian Cultural Center, located on the   island of Oahu, is seven villages according to   the names of the states included in   Polynesia   - the Marquesas Islands, Samoa, New Zealand, Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti and   Tonga. Here you can look at   national dances and   costumes, listen to Polynesian music. The villagers will share their secrets   - how to open a coconut with one blow, light a fire without matches, dance Hula and   even climb a palm tree.

Monument to James Cook. John Cook   is the navigator who revolutionized the history of Hawaii. In   January 1778   he, in   in search of the strait to the   Northwest, sailed to   the harbor of Waimea. So he   became the first European to visit the Hawaiian Islands. It was here that he   and   was killed by the natives in   1779   year.

The monument itself is located on the   Kawaii island in   the very center of Waimea. This monument is almost an exact copy of the monument to Cook, which stands in   his native English town. Also, a commemorative plaque marked the   place where he was   was killed.

Palace of the Hawaiian Kings Iolani. Iolani Palace in   Honolulu   - the only royal palace in   throughout the United States. It is   surrounded by a wall of real coral.

Long before   before the islands became dependent on the   USA, Hawaiian monarchs ruled their people from this palace. The old building was eaten by termites, and   the new one was only rebuilt in   1879   year. When Hawaii was annexed to the   USA, this place became a historical heritage, and the   city   - the capital.

Now the palace attracts a huge number of tourists. In front of the entrance to the   park, in   which is the palace, there is a monument to the last queen   - Liliuokalani.

Waimea Canyon. Waimea Canyon is a deep crevice in   volcanic rock. At   its bottom is a muddy and   fast river. The depth of the canyon   - 1200   meters, length   - 16   kilometers. There is almost no vegetation on the steep red rocks. This is Waimea Canyon at   the islands are called a small copy of the famous Grand Canyon.

Pearl Harbor Naval Base Museum. In the   capital of Hawaii is the famous Pearl Harbor naval base. On December 7   December 1941, it was subjected to Japanese bombardment, which became the reason for the US entry into   World War II.

Now this base is   the largest US naval base in   the entire Pacific Ocean. The ship Arizona, sunk during the bombing, is still at the   bottom. On   its place was created a memorial in   memory of   3,000 perished sailors. It is   is a concrete structure with   transparent bottom, so that visitors can look at   sunken ship through ocean water.

Another war monument   - the battleship"Missouri", which is   eternal anchorage in   Pearl Harbor port. Here, 2   September 1945, Japan signed an act of   surrender. At the   local museum you can watch a movie about the   Japanese attack in   1941  


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