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Recreation and entertainment in Dilijan

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The high-mountainous city of Dilijan is very small in size, but there is something to see here. These are architectural monuments, and historical sites in the city and its environs, and, of course, natural attractions. No wonder the city is surrounded from all sides by one of the richest Caucasian natural parks – Dilijan Reserve.

The main concentration of samples of ancient Armenian architecture is located on the only street of the Old City – Sharambeyan street, which has almost a museum value. The buildings here are built from a combination of stone and wooden elements, which makes them lighter and more elegant than, for example, the metropolitan examples. Here, the Molokan ones are mixed with the Armenian architectural traditions.


Sharambeyan street

It should be noted that the buildings here are mostly recreated in 1970 at the initiative of the artist Vanik Sharambeyan, after whom the street is named. However, the houses are full of life, there are hotels, a restaurant stylized at the end of the 19th century, a coffee shop, as well as souvenir shops and workshops.

In Dilijan, it is worth visiting the Ethnographic Museum of Dilijan, as well as the Art Museum, which offers an excellent collection of Russian and Armenian painting and Western European art of the 17th-19th centuries, as well as archaeological artifacts and ethnographic exhibits.

The outskirts of Dilijan are rich in historical monuments. So, not far from the city are the territories of the Haghartsin monastery complex. Its most ancient building – St. Grigor Church, dated to the XI century. The village of Gosh near Dilijan is famous for its Goshavank monastery of the XII - XIII century construction with an interesting ethnographic museum. The main natural attraction in the vicinity of Dilijan is Lake Parz 15 kilometers away, extremely clean and picturesque.


Goshavank monastery


People are going to Dilijan to treat lung diseases, as well as diseases of the nervous system. The most popular local sanatoriums are Dilijan and Mountain Armenia. In the treatment of the health resort, first of all, local mineral water is used, which is close to the famous Borjomi in its useful properties. This water is also produced in bottles at the Dilijan Frolova plant. The beneficial mountain air and the mild climate contribute to healing a lot.


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Topic: Recreation and entertainment in Dilijan.Recreation and entertainment in Dilijan

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