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Mount Parnitha in Greece

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Mount Parnitha is the highest peak of Attica, although by world standards   its height is very modest and barely exceeds 1000 meters. This mountain is covered with picturesque forests. There are uniquely beautiful waterfalls, and the purest springs feed the local soil.

The Parnita region with its magnificent mountain landscapes is part of a national natural park. Over eight hundred species of various plants grow in these places. Mount Parnit has many hiking trails, ideal for leisurely walks.

On the slope of the summit is the famous cave of the god of fertility and wildlife, Pan. In Pan's Cave you can see ancient bas-reliefs that have preserved drawings that are a kind of illustration of mythological subjects.

On the other slope is the old Fili Fortress, which played a significant role in the defense of these places during the medieval wars. Not far from the fortress is the Agia Triada Parnitos chapel, the walls of which are lined with flat stones on the outside.

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Topic: Mount Parnitha in Greece.Mount Parnitha in Greece

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