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Mountain Aroania (Chelmos) description and photos - Greece: Kalavryta

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Mountain Aroania (Chelmos) description and photos - Greece: Kalavryta. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Mountain Aroania (Chelmos).

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Aroania, or Helmos, is a mountain range in the southeastern part of Achaia, Peloponnese, Greece. The highest peak of the ridge is Mount Helmos or Psili Korithi (2355 m above sea level) and it is the third highest mountain in the Peloponnese after Agios Ilias peak (Mount Taygetus) and Mount Kilini. Here the rivers Krios, Kratis and Vouraikos flow into the Gulf of Corinth, as well as the Aroanios River, which flows into the Ionian Sea. At an altitude of 800-1800 m above sea level, the Aroania Mountains are mostly covered with dense pine forests, meadows and heathlands begin over 1800 m.

The Aroania Mountains are famous for their stunning natural landscapes and incredible beauty of landscapes, as well as a lot of interesting and iconic places , Kalavryta, located on a mountainside at an altitude of 750 m above sea level, is one of the largest and most popular tourist centers in the Peloponnese. Near Kalavryta there is one of the best ski resorts in Greece - "Helmos ski resort". The length of the slopes is about 20 km, there are both lightweight trails for beginners and trails of increased difficulty for "professionals" of skiing.

Among the sights of Aroania, it is worth noting the picturesque mountain villages of Planitero and Peristero, the Cave of Lakes and the picturesque Vouraikos gorge. In total, 10 km from Kalavrita there is one of the most ancient shrines of Greece - the Mega Spilayo Monastery, founded back in 362 by the monks Simeon and Theodore. The Aroania Mountains are home to the Agia Lavra Monastery, where on March 25, 1821, Metropolitan Patras Germanus blessed the Lavaron (banner) of the Greek national uprising and swore in the Peloponnese rebels. Today, a small but very entertaining historical museum operates in the holy monastery.

The famous Aristarhos telescope of the National Observatory of Athens, one of the most powerful telescopes in Europe, is installed on Mount Helmos at an altitude of 2340 m.

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Topic: Mountain Aroania (Chelmos) description and photos - Greece: Kalavryta.Mountain Aroania (Chelmos) description and photos - Greece: Kalavryta

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