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Holguin. Recreation and entertainment

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Beach Holidays

Guardalavaca Beach is considered one of the best and most beautiful beaches in Holguin and the island of Cuba. The beach is famous for its beautiful coral reef, iridescent turquoise, jade and gold colors that illuminate the crystal water, sandy beach and coastal plants with their brilliance.

Guardalavaca offers vacationers more than 1200   meters of sandy clean coast, which is divided into small beaches resembling small seashells, some of them separated from each other by huge cliffs, such beaches are popular with couples who prefer a secluded vacation.

Emerald Beach Esmeralda is the most picturesque in Cuba. The extraordinary beauty of nature, a magnificent coral reef, and the excellent seabed make it the most popular destination for holidaymakers looking for a relaxing and secluded getaway.

Water sports such as windsurfing, pedal boats and sailing are popular here. Esmeralda is especially popular for diving, there are about twenty good diving spots in the beach area.

Also on the beach there are ping pong, beach volleyball, horseback riding, archery and billiards.

Sightseeing and tourism

Holguin, also called the City of Squares, is the provincial capital located in the Moyabe Valley.

The symbol of the city and its northern point is Loma de la Cruz, climbing 458 steps to the top of which, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire city.

One of the city's attractions is the Cathedral of San Isidoro, operating since the middle of the XVIII century. The cathedral's unparalleled Moorish-style ceilings captivate the imagination.

The Provincial History Museum in La Periquera is located opposite Calisto Garcia, the city's busiest square ... The building is a national monument of the province.

The malacological and ornithological collections of the Museum of Natural Sciences"Carlos de la Tore y Huerta" are of great value for the city. considered one of the most famous museums in the country.

La Mensura National Park is located at an altitude of six hundred meters above sea level, being the main part of the Nipe Cristal mountain system. The park is perfect for ecological and active recreation and tourism.

A small island Cayo Soetia is located at the entrance to the bay of Nepa. The islet is considered a great place for photo hunting, as it is home to many harmless representatives of the Cuban fauna.

The Bahia de Naranjo Natural Park is located on the coast of the bay of the same name. There is an aquarium in the park, in which everyone can swim with dolphins. Also in the park is Birancito, which is a replica of the house, where Fidel Castro was born.

Banes is considered the"archaeological capital" of Cuba. Here, more traces of the ancient inhabitants of the region were found. The Indo-Cuban Museum exhibits the largest collection of Native American objects collected from all the islands of the Caribbean.

The most important archaeological site is Chorro de Maita, where the museum has been opened since 1990 , in which you can see 108 Indian burials, in the form in which they were discovered.

In the capital, the Taino Indian village was reproduced, which introduces the history of the life of the natives who lived here in the first half of the 16th century.

In Bariai National Park there is a museum"Indian Village", a memorial complex and a copy of the Spanish bastion, as well as a restaurant in the old style.

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