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Geography and climate in Sukhumi

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The capital of Abkhazia, the ancient city of Sukhum is located in the northwest of the republic, 107 kilometers from the border with Russia. The city is located on the shores of the picturesque Sukhum bay washed by the Black Sea.

The coast of Sukhum is heterogeneous. The part that does not belong to the port represents different sections of pebble and sandy-pebble beaches. There are very few sandy plots in Sukhum, and all of them have long been purchased by private hotels and boarding houses, and access to them is limited.


The rest of the coast of Sukhum , despite its relatively short length, it can even have wild beaches. Tourists are attracted by the seclusion of these places and picturesque seascapes.

The height above sea level near Sukhum is only 9 meters, and the mountains are far enough from the Abkhaz capital. For this reason, the relative humidity in Sukhum is higher than in other cities and resorts of the republic.

Sukhum outskirts – These are foothill areas where conifers, as well as evergreen trees of southern species and shrubs grow in natural conditions. In the city itself you can see a lot of greenery.


Sukhumi railway station

One of the main rivers of Sukhum – Bezelka – has tributaries with mineral springs. The beneficial properties of this water have been proven, and it is actively used in Abkhazian sanatoriums.

You can get to the city by train from Moscow, as well as by bus or car from Sochi, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Nalchik and Cherkessk .

Time zone of the city: GTM +3 (corresponds to Moscow time).


Subtropical humid type of climate prevails in Sukhum. Summer is usually hot and humid here, the average temperature in August is + 24 ... + 29 ° С. Winter is quite warm, the average temperature in January is + 6 … +11 ° C.

There is a lot of precipitation in the city – about 1700 mm. Most of them occur in winter, although rainy days can also be in summer.


Sukhum embankment

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Topic: Geography and climate in Sukhumi.Geography and climate in Sukhumi

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