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Library in Egypt, Alexandria resort

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Library Alexandrina, or New Alexandria Library – it is one of the most important Mediterranean cultural centers. It was built in memory of the ancient library of Alexandria.

The legendary library of Alexandria was founded under Ptolemy. The idea of its creation belonged to the philosopher Demetrius. He proposed to collect the valuable manuscripts in one place, which was named Museion. The Museion building was erected in 307 BC.

In 47 BC. part of the library was burned by the soldiers of Julius Caesar. Another part was destroyed in 391 AD. The Muslims finally finished with the library.

Almost all the literature of Ancient Greece was destroyed along with this library. What we know now has survived only in the form of copies, created by the Alexandria Library itself and sent to Rome.

In the second half of the 20th century, it was decided to create a new library. Out of a huge number of projects, the Norwegian was accepted. Construction began in 1988, and the official opening took place in 2002.

New library – it is a building with a diameter of 160 meters. The section of the building faces the sea. The main reading room is located at a height of 32 meters.  

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Topic: Library in Egypt, Alexandria resort.Library in Egypt, Alexandria resort

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