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Koh Phangan. Recreation and entertainment

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For most of the year, Phangan is a haven for secluded relaxation. Uncrowded beaches are distinguished by clean white sand. The most famous of them is Haad Rin Beach, which is located in the southwestern part of the island. Haad Yuan, Haad Tian - for those who are looking for solitude, here small cozy coves smoothly turn into a rocky coast.

  In Toy Nai Pan there are the most modern hotels, spa centers, and equipped swimming pools for tourists.

Fans of "wild rest" should visit Tan Sadet beach with the waterfall of the same name. For tourists, only small bungalows are equipped here.

You can get to the sandy beaches of Chaloklum and Bottle Beach either by boat or walking 5 km. Lovers of snorkeling love the Mae Haad coral beach and the Ma mini-island located in the western part of Phangan.

A few days before the full moon, Phangan transforms. More and more foreigners appear on the streets. The bars are gradually filling up. The island's population doubles. The Full Moon Party party begins. The main scale of the party takes on the Haad Rin beach, where the festivities continue for several days.



Phangan is also interesting for fans of excursion tourism. One of the attractions of the resort   is the National Park Sadet -Ko Pha -Ngan. It owes its name to the river Than Sadet ("Royal River") flowing on its territory. The park contains the most beautiful waterfall of the island - the favorite resting place of Thai kings.

200 meters from the waterfall, a view of the highest point of the island - the mountain Khao Ra peak (627 m above the level

On the road between Chaloklum and Thongsala there is a Chinese temple, with a beautiful view of Chaloklum Bay.

Along the road from Baan Tai to Ton Nai -Pan is located a popular among tourists elephant camp.

Travel Tips

For cheap accommodation on the island, hotels in the interior of the island are suitable,

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Topic: Koh Phangan. Recreation and entertainment.Koh Phangan. Recreation and entertainment

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