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Geography and climate in San Francisco

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Geography and   Climate

San Francisco   is a city in the   west of California, located on   a small peninsula of the same name south of the Golden Gate Strait, which connects the Pacific Ocean with   the Bay of San Francisco. The   territory of the city also includes several small islets of the Bay   - Treasure Island, Alcatraz, almost the entire Red Rock Island and   uninhabited Farallon Islands. The city is often called a square with   side 11   kilometers.

San Francisco Airport is located south of the city   a distance of 15   kilometers from   it. You can also use Auckland Airport, located   32   kilometers from   city.

The climate in the   city is Mediterranean. In summer, the average temperature is +15 ... + 24 ° С, there are often fogs, and   there is almost no rain. Wash the average temperature + 14 ° С, the thermometer rarely drops below zero. There is almost no snow in   this time of year, but rains   are quite frequent.

Difference with   Moscow: -   11   hours.


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Topic: Geography and climate in San Francisco.Geography and climate in San Francisco

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