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Geography and climate in Malmo

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Geography and   Climate

Malmo   is the center of one of the   richest farming regions and   one of the   largest cities in Sweden. It is located   near the Erisund Bay right on the   border with   Denmark. There are two airports not far from the   city: Malmo Airport and   Copenhagen Airport. You can get from the   city airport by   bus or taxi, and   from   airport to   Copenhagen   - by   bus or train.

The climate here is quite mild and   humid. On   summer days, the temperature rarely rises above + 20 ° C, there are several days with   + 25 ° C. On these hot days, there is usually a light breeze blowing nbsp; ocean sides. The water temperature is usually about + 20 ° C.   In winter, the temperature does not   fall below zero.

Time lags behind   Moscow by   2   hours.


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Topic: Geography and climate in Malmo.Geography and climate in Malmo

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