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Geography and climate in Pitsunda



Pitsunda – a unique climatic resort on the northwestern coast of Abkhazia, located on the cape of the same name. Unlike other Abkhaz cities, it is located at the lowest possible altitude above sea level, which left a mark on the appearance of this place, as well as on its climatic features.



From the north-east from Pitsunda there is a mountain range, protecting the city from cold air masses. Due to this location, the relative humidity in Pitsunda is much lower than in the rest of Abkhazia.

Around Pitsunda is a relict pine forest – tree species here are bred into a separate subspecies, which is protected by ecologists. The unique zone creates a favorable atmosphere for the city, coupled with the sea air, which has a positive effect on health.

Also not far from the resort town there are eight salt lakes, on the banks of which you can often meet tourists. Lake Inkit is most often mentioned in travel guides to Abkhazia.

Pitsunda coast – it is a unique area of mixed sandy and sandy-pebble beaches for Abkhazia. The sand here is coarse, with a bright golden hue.


Pitsunda pine

You can get to the city by bus or car from Adler (Sochi), as well as from major cities of Abkhazia.

Sentry city zone: GMT +3 (Moscow time).


The city of Pitsunda is a seaside climatic resort located on the cape of the same name, near the Black Sea coast, in the northwestern part of Abkhazia .

The region is dominated by a humid subtropical type of climate. It is quite hot here in summer, the average temperature in August is + 26 ... + 29 ° С. Winter at the resort is usually mild and warm, the average temperature in January is + 8 … +12 ° C.

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Topic: Geography and climate in Pitsunda.Geography and climate in Pitsunda

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