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Ruins of Termessos in Turkey, Antalya coast resort

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The ancient antique city of Termessos, located 30 kilometers from Antalya, is one of the most well-preserved antique cities in   Turkey. The city is located at an altitude of 1065 meters, on a mountain plateau.

The main feature of the city is – pristine appearance. Trees and dense thickets hide the ruins, just like when the city was completely abandoned after an earthquake in the 5th century BC

The city was built in a very advantageous way in terms of defense – initially, all available defensive advantages were used and provided for, and the eastern and western parts of the city were surrounded by natural mountain formations.

Termessos went down in history thanks to the ancient historian Arrianos, who described the unsuccessful attempt of Alexander the Great to conquer the city.

According to Arrianos, the commander with his army, following to Phrygia, chose the path passing through Termessos. However, he soon got lost and spent a lot of effort to find a passage in the mountains. In anger, Macedon led his troops to Termessos and surrounded it, but he could not capture it due to the inaccessibility of fortifications for the siege and the isolation of the city. As a result, the king was forced to retreat.

During the Hellenistic period, the city began to gradually adopt ancient Greek culture, democracy and language, which became the reason for frequent wars with neighbors.

Thanks to good relations with the Bergamians who came. later, the city began to develop actively to this area, and the construction of new structures was also started here.

Strong earthquakes that occurred in the 5th and 9th centuries severely destroyed Termessos and the city ceased to exist. No one began to restore it, and the inhabitants gradually moved to other cities of Lycia.

Today in the city you can observe a well-preserved agora, not far from which there are five reservoirs carved into the rock. Also noteworthy are the remains of the walls of the gymnasium, the ancient theater with its excellent panoramic view, the Odeon, the ruins of the temple to Zeus, Artemis, Solome, etc.

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Topic: Ruins of Termessos in Turkey, Antalya coast resort.Ruins of Termessos in Turkey, Antalya coast resort

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