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Geography and climate in Colombo

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Geography and   Climate

Colombo   is the actual (but   not   not   official) capital of the State of Sri Lanka. The city is located on the   west coast of the island closer to   its northern edge.

The climate in the city is equatorial. Annual temperature fluctuations are insignificant, throughout the year it stays within the   range of +26 ... + 30 ° С.

The air humidity is quite high, about 75%. Precipitation falls up to   5000   mm per   year. From   May to   September and   from   October to   rainy seasons.

The water temperature all year is kept at the   mark +28 ... + 29 ° C.

Colombo Airport is located at   35   kilometers from the   capital. The airport accepts planes from all countries of the world.

You can get to the   city from the   airport by   taxi or bus. Travel time   - from   one and a half to   two hours.

Time is ahead of Moscow by   1.5   hours.


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Topic: Geography and climate in Colombo.Geography and climate in Colombo

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