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Tabarka. Recreation and entertainment

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Tabarca began to develop as a resort about fifteen years ago. This town has not been touched by civilization and modernization, and therefore it is so attractive for tourists.

The coastal area of Tabarka is one of the most interesting places in the Mediterranean in terms of diving. Rare coral species and rich marine fauna can be observed in the coastal waters. It is also home to the largest reef in the Mediterranean. Several famous diving centers are open in the city.

Tabarka is an ideal place for beach lovers: the beaches here are sandy and clean.

to the taste and lovers of golf - there is a specially equipped course in the city, consisting of seven holes. The highlight of the field is that part of it is located on the shore, and the remaining half is in a forest of relict pines and cork oak.

Fans of unusual entertainment can hunt wild boars in the vicinity of the city. You can also shoot a hare, fox, wild cat or geneta in local forests.

Not far from Tabarka there is a thermal resort of Hamam Bourguiba. The temperature of some healing springs with sulfuric water, discovered by the Romans, is about +50 ° C.

Every year many festivals take place on the territory of Tabarka. The most famous of them is the International Jazz Festival, dating back to 1995 and attracting musicians and tourists from all over the world.

The Coral Festival is a showcase of artisanal and musical arts, as well as a Tunisian underwater photography and culture festival that runs from July to August.

"Neptune's Trident" - a water festival that takes place in early September.

Another traditional holiday - "Spring Festival" - is celebrated in May.

Lovers of hiking will be interested in climbing the trails that encircle the slopes of Chrumiria.

Most of Tabarka hotels are located on the coast.


Places of interest

Tabarka is an ancient city with traces of Phoenician, Arab, Roman and Ottoman civilizations.

Main attractions:
  • Needles - huge sharp rocks resembling needles (hence the name). Located a couple of minutes drive from the city.

  • Genoese fortress - built in the 16th century, located at the entrance to the port, on a hill.

  • Lake Ixhel is a beautiful lake with an exceptional nature reserve.

Travel Tips

The best souvenirs from Tabarka are heather or cork oak and also a coral necklace.

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Topic: Tabarka. Recreation and entertainment.Tabarka. Recreation and entertainment

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