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Gagra. Recreation and entertainment

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Gagra Resort has long established itself as a great place for treatment and relaxation. Clean sea water, favorable climate and mineral water of the resort have natural healing properties that produce a beneficial effect on the body.

The resort has numerous sanatoriums, boarding houses and holiday homes that have their own equipped small pebbles beaches. The swimming season lasts from May to November.


Gagra Beach

There are also many cozy cafes and bars where you can taste excellent Abkhaz cuisine.

Walking along the narrow coastal strip, which is a subtropical park, is also popular founded by Dean Brenner and architect Shervinsky in 1902. Over time, plants and trees were brought here from many countries of the world. There are also many fountains and pools decorated with sculptures and the famousColonnade. For lovers of outdoor activities, there are tennis courts in the park.

The city is popular for such types of outdoor activities as jet skiing, banana, and for fans of extreme recreation, parachuting and paragliding are offered.




Today Gagra is one of the most popular resorts in Abkhazia. The city was founded by Prince Alexander of Oldenburg in January 1903. Also at this time, a climate station was opened here.

In 1912, Emperor Nicholas II visited the city.

The city was badly damaged during the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict in 1992-93. Most of the buildings have now been restored.

While in the city, it is worth visiting theAbaat Gagra Fortress, built more than 15 centuries ago. Throughout its long life, the fortress was repeatedly destroyed, after which it was restored. At the beginning of the 20th century, by order of the Prince of Oldenburg, part of the fortress wall was destroyed, and a hotel was built inside. The wall facing the sea has hardly survived to this day.

Inside the fortress there is an oldtemple , which is considered one of the oldest in the world. The temple was built in 6 – 7 centuries by the first Caucasian Christians from limestone blocks. In 1902, the building was restored, while the ancient appearance and forms of the temple were completely preserved. An underground passage located in the side vestibule leads to the sea coast.

Also worth a visit in the city isthe castle of the Prince of Oldenburg,Gagripsh restaurant,Memorial of Glory,D. Akhvlediani stadium andI. To Stalin, located on Lake Ritsa.


Castle of the Prince of Oldenburg

Tsikherva River is a natural border between New and Old Gagra. On the right bank of the river, near the city, there is a huge cave, which is also calledSt. Hypatius Cave.

One of the most popular natural attractions, not only Gagra, but also the entire Black Sea coast, is the picturesqueLake Ritsa. The lake is territorially about 67 km 2. Until 1936, the lake was accessible only to a few, but over time, a path was laid to it, and today everyone can enjoy its beauty and splendor. The best vantage points for contemplating the lake are the mountainsPshegishka,Acetuk andAgentsa.

On the way to the lake you can see the ancientthe village of Bzip, famous for its eternal rainbow – waterfall tearing down from the rocks `` Maiden's Tears '' reflecting the sun's rays, it creates a bright colored strip of light that is visible at any time of the year.

Also of interest isvalley Bzip, which has preserved its unspoiled pristine beauty. Today, very rare species of plants and trees can be observed here.

Zhoekvarskoe gorge is a wonderful place for hiking. The gorge originates in the western part of Gagra. In 1841, a watchtower was built here, which today is known as"Marlinsky Tower". Until now, only ruins have survived from the structure.


Zhoekvarskoe gorge

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