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Geography and climate in Gagra

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Thanks to the salubrious air, proximity of the sea and mountains, Gagra has earned the title of one of the best resorts in the former Soviet Union. The resort was founded in Tsarist times, and immediately became a popular holiday destination for the aristocracy. And during the existence of the USSR, Gagra turned into a center for mass recreation of various tourists.


Gagra ridge

The city is conveniently located between the coast and a mountain range in the western part of Abkhazia. The distance to the Russian-Abkhaz border is 30 kilometers to the southeast, which, undoubtedly, is will be beneficial to all tourists from Russia.

Adler with its Sochi international airport; located just 43 kilometers northwest of Gagra. There is an electric train between the resort and Adler twice a day.

From Gagra you can easily get not only to Sochi, but also to the Abkhazian Pitsunda and Lake Ritsa.


Like other resorts of Abkhazia, Gagra is attributed to the subtropical climate zone. However, due to the special location of the resort, the temperature here is always several degrees higher than in nearby cities, and the air does not differ from the humidity typical for a subtropical climate.


Beaches of Gagra

Such features are mainly provided thanks to the proximity of the Gagra ridge, which protects Gagra from cold winds and keeps warm air.

There are more sunny days here than in any other city on the Black Sea coast, which is why the beach season sometimes lasts until the end of October. In summer, the air warms up to +38 o C in the shade, while the water temperature is +29 o C.

It rarely rains in warm weather, the bulk of precipitation falls in winter. The coldest month is January, the thermometer can show only +5 o C, but the average winter temperature is around +14 o C.

An important factor for the development of tourism is that the air is saturated with healing sea salts and resinous fumes, and the water in the sea is close to mineral springs.



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Topic: Geography and climate in Gagra.Geography and climate in Gagra

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